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SSL Encryption Report

  • AES cipher, 256-bit key
  • AES cipher, 192-bit key
  • AES cipher, 128-bit key
  • CAMELLIA cipher, 256-bit key
  • CAMELLIA cipher, 128-bit key
  • RC4 cipher, 128-bit key
  • RC2 cipher, 128-bit key
  • Triple-DES cipher, 168-bit key
  • IDEA cipher, 128-bit key
  • DES cipher, 56-bit key
  • RC4-Export cipher, 56-bit key
  • RC4-Export cipher, 40-bit key
  • RC2-Export cipher, 40-bit key
  • No Encryption cipher
You have connected to this web server using no encryption.

Unencrypted data can potentially be viewed and/or altered as it travels across a network connection.

In a crude analogy, using no encryption is similar to sending or storing your data on a notepad in plain view.

If you wish to test your browser's encryption capabilities, then click here.