fortify_banner.jpg SSL Encryption Report

AES cipher, 256-bit key
AES cipher, 192-bit key
AES cipher, 128-bit key
RC4 cipher, 128-bit key
RC2 cipher, 128-bit key
Triple-DES cipher, 168-bit key
IDEA cipher, 128-bit key
DES cipher, 56-bit key
RC4-Export cipher, 40-bit key
RC2-Export cipher, 40-bit key
No Encryption cipher

You have connected to this web server using the RC4-SHA encryption cipher with a key length of 128 bits.

This is a high-grade encryption connection, regarded by most experts as being suitable for sending or receiving even the most sensitive or valuable information across a network.

In a crude analogy, using this cipher is similar to sending or storing your data inside a high quality safe - compared to an export-grade cipher which is similar to using a paper envelope to protect your data.