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Thur 5 March 2015 In the 15 years since the U.S. Government's export controls over 128-bit cryptography were relaxed, we've all become accustomed to the general availability of stronger encryption ciphers and the slow extinction of export-grade protocols and key sizes - or so we thought.

Amongst a slew of recently published attacks on the SSL and TLS protocols, some of which have effectively consigned SSL to the dustbin, a new one, labelled as the "FREAK" attack, has exposed the fact that a number of mainstream browsers STILL happily accept and process export-grade RSA keys, even though they might be built to use standard "strong" key exchange protocols.

Much current discussion about this attack points to poorly configured web servers as being the source of evil, but do not be misled! This problem stems from client software that is broken, and which must be patched or replaced. The latest version of Firefox is reportedly safe to use on all platforms, and fixes are in the pipeline for some versions of IE, Safari and Chrome browsers. So, as always, keep an eye out for those fixes and keep your software up to date.

Wed 17 May 2000 Netscape v4.73 was released earlier this month, and is available in its 128-bit, U.S. domestic form directly through this Netscape download interface. The worldwide availability of these strong crypto browsers eliminates much of the need for Fortify for Netscape. Thus Fortify has been frozen at the current March release level, until further notice. For further details, please read this.
Thur 2 Mar 2000 Fortify for Netscape version 2.2.5 (Windows), version 2.2.6 (MacOS) and version 1.4.6 (Unix) have been released and are now available. This is a transitionary release that adds support for the new Netscape Communicator and Navigator version 4.72 browsers. Grab the latest copy of Fortify for Netscape from here.
Fri 15 Oct 1999 Fortify is celebrating its second birthday. To mark the occasion, new releases of Fortify are hereby announced for HP-UX, IBM AIX and LinuxPPC. The HP-UX and AIX versions are completely new editions of Fortify, offering support for all versions of Netscape Communicator from v4.06 onwards. The LinuxPPC version is a re-release to support the Redhat LinuxPPC R5 version of Netscape Communicator. Download these versions here.
Thur 30 Sep 1999 Fortify version 1.4.5 has been released and is now available on OS/2. This is a maintenance release which adds support for the latest edition of Netscape Communicator on OS/2 - v4.61. You can download this version here.
Wed 15 Oct 1997 First non-beta release, version 1.1.0