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Fortify OS/2 Repack.exe

Repack.exe is a utility provided through the IBM Employee Written Software program, that can be used to compress or de-compress any OS/2 Warp executable file. A number of reports have been received from Fortify-OS/2 users experiencing problems using repack.exe on the 4.04b1 release of Netscape Communicator.

When attempting to run repack.exe in some circumstances, it reports an error message as follows:

repack.exe: Fatal error -- Aborting: Unable to open input file

This behaviour arises because the netscape.exe file is in use by a running process. A number of workaround solutions are possible. One of the more straight-forward techniques is to copy your netscape.exe file to some other file name, say n128.exe, and then proceed to fortify n128.exe. The command steps are as follows:

  1. copy netscape.exe n128.exe
  2. repack /exepack:0 n128.exe
  3. del n128.bak
  4. fortify n128.exe
  5. (optionally) repack /exepack:2 n128.exe
  6. (optionally) del n128.bak
  7. update your desktop icons to point to n128.exe rather than netscape.exe